We are pleased to finally launch the Reglan/metoclopramide Safety Awareness Campaign. The goal is to protect others from what you experienced. We have a number of activities that we would like to accomplish. If you would like to be involved, we would welcome your input.

  • Several thousand people who took Reglan/metoclopramide have quietly settled with the various manufacturers and are receiving money. We have issued press releases regarding the global settlement and have called reporters to urge them to cover it. So far, the settlement company and attorneys have not issued any statements and the only press coverage has been in one legal publication.
  • Stories in newspapers and magazines are one of the most valuable tools to protect others from what you experienced. We hired a public relations and media company called NewsRoom PR. They specialize in helping people who have dramatic stories connect with reporters. Their goal is to help readers understand the individual stories, the dangers associated with Reglan/metoclopramide and how poorly the FDA tracks adverse effects.
  • We are contacting other attorneys to notify their clients that reporters want to talk to them.
  • We are working with medical advisors to get more information on Reglan/metoclopramide and other drugs that cause neurological/psychiatric side effects into journals that medical professionals read. We are targeting emergency medicine, surgery, gastroenterology, lactation consultants, diabetic specialists, obstetrics and legal departments in medical facilities.
  • We are exploring ways that pharmacists can do more and not wait for the FDA.
  • We are looking for somebody with the ability to access data on sales and drug use for Reglan/metoclopramide. It was listed as in the top 200 best-selling drugs in 2015, so it appears that sales are trending up again.
  • We are exploring whether the FDA will hold a hearing for patients with drug induced movement symptoms, akathisia, etc. The FDA is current holding hearings on specific diseases and has a mandate to listen to patient concerns. Before approaching them, we need to see how many people harmed by Reglan/metoclopramide are willing to travel to the suburbs of Washington, DC. There is some limited ability to participate by phone.
  • We are writing letters to the editor regarding safety monitoring of drugs after they are on the market and the problems associated with updating labels for generic medicines.
  • We are actively recruiting people to the board of directors of The Conte Foundation who have some personal or professional experiences related to drug safety. We are hoping to have many more families participate – this group was set up to benefit them and we would like their input.
  • We have set up this new website and have added content. We have information on tardive and are adding more about akathisia. We have a few stories and would like more about Reglan/metoclopramide and about other medicine that cause side effects – particularly neurological and psychiatric symptoms that are often missed or ignored. These stories are vital.
  • We hired an artist to draw some of the side effects and have commissioned more. We would also like to invite patients to submit art.
  • We created a hidden section of our website with a repository for attorneys to upload information that may be helpful to future cases.

None of this would be possible without your financial support. If you have questions about your donation or about our plans, please get in touch. We welcome your input and participation in any way that works for you.

Welcome to The Conte Foundation

Elizabeth Conte is famous. Just ask your attorney about Conte v Wyeth.  She didn’t want to be. She had Reglan metoclopramide side effects from taking generic metoclopramide. She was injured by a generic drug and nobody would take responsibility. The warnings were written by the manufacturer of the brand name. So she sued them. And she won.

Conte v. Wyeth is a famous lawsuit because it gave many other people who were hurt by generic drugs the right to sue the company that wrote the inadequate warnings for medical costs and damages.

Not only did Elizabeth Conte and her attorney spend years in court, they came up with novel arguments and they refused to quit. Then Elizabeth did one more thing – she founded this organization to help prevent harm to others. She learned that Reglan/metoclopramide is still a very common medicine and other people have begun suffering from Reglan metoclopramide side effects.

Every year, most companies make good choices that prevent avoidable harm, but others make decisions that cause pain, suffering and even death to tens of thousands of innocent people. At The Conte Foundation, our goal is to reduce avoidable suffering.

Who are we?

The Conte Foundation is made up of people who believe big business can do better. Some are people from leading companies whose actions show they deserve our trust. Others might be victims of bad corporate decisions who don’t want what happened to them to happen to others. And then there are the lawyers who represent people harmed by bad corporate decisions. Most of us were involved in trying to prevent Reglan metoclopramide side effects. Several are victims of Reglan metoclopramide side effects. Together, we are a powerful voice.

  • The Conte Foundation Board of Directors includes victims and family/representatives of victims – currently, most of them suffered from Reglan / metoclopramide side effects.
  • The Scientific and Advisory Board includes professionals with a wide variety of expertise related to corporate responsibility, risk management/minimization, and specific products or product categories.
  • Interested individuals who want to help make products safer and reduce harm.
Dr Warner at the Conte booth at AAJ

Dr. Barbara Warner, Conte Foundation Scientific Advisor, exhibiting at the American Association for Justice legal conference February 2018.

Elizabeth Conte v Wyeth

Our founder, Elizabeth Conte.

Practical Help Needed:

The FDA issued stronger warnings in 2009. Manufacturers of any medication containing metoclopramide for sale in the US are required to have a boxed warning – commonly called a “Black Box Warning.” This warning states that using the medication for longer than 12 weeks increases the risk of side effects.

  • The pharmaceutical companies never conducted an awareness campaign about  Reglan  metoclopramide side effects. They didn’t issue statements calling attention to the new warning required by the US FDA. We plan to conduct a Reglan metoclopramide side effects Safety Awareness campaign aimed at doctors, pharmacists and patients. We could use the help of a PR firm.
  • Donate documents to our private repository. We are currently focused on Reglan, Yaz and Brethene.
  • Victim stories have a huge impact. Please consider telling your story if you have not signed a confidentiality agreement in the Reglan metoclopramide Global Settlement.
  • Have you created a piece or art or music that helps you express what you are going through? Please share!
  • Elizabeth Conte helped you when she sued because of her Reglan metoclopramide side effects. If you would like to help us prevent future suffering, please consider donating. If you are part of the Reglan metoclopramide side effects Global Settlements (class action lawsuit), consider donating 1% of your settlement to pay it forward.
  • Help with advanced functions of this site: WordPress, CSS, and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Help updating the graphics on the site.
  • A web security expert to consult on the repository.
  • Reglan metoclopramide side effects victims or family members willing to consider serving on the board.

Please contact a board member about how you can get involved:

Thank you to our Donors:

Elizabeth Conte – our founder.  Ralph Pittle – her attorney.

Diana Sherman. Kathy.  Franch.

Leda's tree water color by Barbara Warner Barbara Warner – in honor of Leda