Advisory Panel

Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel is made up of scientists, clinicians and subject matter experts who have an interest in the topics we are working on.  Eventually, we would like to have a panel of legal advisors as well.

James W. Freston, M.D., Ph.D.,chair – resigned March 2018


Gerald M. Goldhaber, Ph.D.

Dr. Goldhaber, the president of Goldhaber Research Associates. He is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of political polling and warning label research. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, as well as educational and governmental organizations. He has conducted hundreds of surveys, including political polls for candidates running for U.S. Congress, Senate and President. Dr. Goldhaber also served as a consultant to President Reagan’s Private Sector Survey for Cost Control. Dr. Goldhaber has written and edited 10 books and is a frequent lecturer on the topic of communication. He writes numerous articles on a variety of issues for publication in journals and newspapers across the country, and has served as a political analyst for radio and television shows.

Hal Morgenstern, Ph.D.

Dr. Morgenstern is a leading authority on epidemiology. His faculty appointments have included Yale University School of Medicine, the UCLA School of Public Health and the University of Michigan School of Public Health, where he has taught since 2003. At Michigan, he also is the director of the Graduate Summer Session in Epidemiology and is a past chair of the school’s Department of Epidemiology. Dr. Morgenstern has published extensively on a wide range of public health areas. Among his areas of expertise is tardive dyskinesia and its links to medications. In addition to his research, Dr. Morgenstern is also a highly-regarded professor. Yale (1985) and UCLA (1989. 1997 and 1999) gave his teaching special acknowledgement. He also received the Tyroler Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Epidemiology in 2003.

Robert C. Nelson, Ph.D.

Dr. Nelson is deeply experienced a scientist and leader at the FDA. Trained initially as a pharmacist, then earned a Master’s degree in the Administration of Science and Technology from George Washington University and then a doctorate in epidemiology from the University of Minnesota. His public service began when he accepted a commission in the U.S. Public Health Service, where he started as a pharmacy liaison to National Institutes of Health. After just 2 years, he was transferred to the FDA’s Division of Neuropharmacological Drugs. He remained with the FDA for 10 years, eventually becoming the associate director for epidemiology. In that post, he led a program for post-marketing oversight of human drugs. After the FDA, Dr. Nelson became a consultant on drug safety working for a host of leading pharmaceutical companies.

Ronald W. Stewart, M.A.

Professor Stewart was part of the Pharmacy faculty at the University of Florida for more than 30 years. During that time, he chaired the Department of Pharmacy Practice and conducted research into adverse drug reactions, geriatrics and psychotropic medications. He has authored 6 text books and numerous scientific papers on adverse drug reactions, especially in the elderly. His research showed that adverse drug reactions often were linked to a physician inappropriately prescribing a drug. He was then able to show that these prescribing errors often were caused by aggressive drug promotions by pharmaceutical companies and demands by patients for the medicine Physicians, he found, often were unaware of the potential adverse reactions.

Daniel Tarsy, M.D.

Dr. Tarsy is a practicing neurologist who specializes in movement disorders. He also is a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on the links between certain psychotropic drugs, especially metoclopramide, and movement disorders, such as tardive dyskinesia. In 1979, he co-authored a benchmark article in the International Review of Neurology that detailed what medicine knew about tardive dyskinesia. He later served as the neurology consultant to the American Psychiatry Association for its Task Force Report on Tardive Dyskinesia.

Barbara Warner, M.D., resigned March 2018

Dr. Warner recently retired as Therapeutic Area Safety Leader from Novartis where she was involved in the clinical safety of drugs for 17 years. She served as deputy to the Chief Safety Officer and was chair of the Novartis Safety Board in his absence. Her job spanned post-marketing products and clinical development compounds. This provides her with broad knowledge and expertise in the issues surrounding clinical safety throughout a compounds life cycle. She has marshalled drugs through the regulatory maze and won FDA approval 9 times. In addition to the FDA, she has been part of Health Authority meetings with the European Medicines Agency, as well as the French and Canadian health authorities. Dr. Warner practiced psychiatry for 23 years after completing her medical degree at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Dr. Warner is The Conte Foundation interim board chair.

O. Shannon Hauser

O. Shannon Hauser was employed by Parke Davis and Company, a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, from 1965 through 1986, rising to the position of Director of U.S . Sales in 1984. He became knowledgeable, in those capacities, about the workings of the pharmaceutical industry, prescription drug regulation, and other matters related to the production , marketing, distribution, regulation, and use of prescription drug products, and has kept abreast of developments since then. Following his work at Parke Davis, he became a full-time faculty member at the University of Washington Graduate School Of Business Administration where he taught courses in business ethics, planning and development of small businesses, entrepreneurial ventures and commercialization of new products . Hauser was formerly a part time faculty member at the Wayne State University School of Business. He is currently employed primarily as an entrepreneur and business consultant.


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