How Professionals can make a difference

  • Elizabeth Conte and her attorney set precendent when they sued.
  • Then the set up this foundation and donates all the proceeds.
  • They also set up a repository of documents that can be helpful in other cases.

Now it is your turn to benefit AND pay it forward.

  • We ask you to upload helpful documents.
  • We will allow you access to the repository if you promise to donate 1% from your Reglan metoclopamide cases.
  • We will create a prominent place on our home page to thank those who donate documents or money. You can decide whether to be listed.
  • You can put your name and contact information on any documents you upload.
  • Please ask your clients to consider telling their stories and donating 1% as well.

Please contact The Conte Foundation Board of Directors to discuss how this works: boardofdirectors@