Mission, Vision, Programs and Funding

oculgyric crisis (C) The Conte Foundation 2018
Oculgyric crisis is when one or both eyes roll back and stay there leaving the patient effectively blind


The Conte Foundation’s mission is to prevent and minimize product harm by:

  • Gathering and disseminating information on product harm for the public;
  • Promoting legislation, litigation, regulation, policy, media coverage and research that increase and clarify corporate accountability and minimize product harm; and
  • Increasing awareness about risk management/minimization programs corporations can institute.


Our focus is currently on Reglan because this was the drug that harmed Elizabeth Conte, the founder of the organization. As funding permits, we will work on other corporate accountability issues, including actions and products that are not related to drugs.

At The Conte Foundation, we believe that:

  • People who are harmed by products often want a way to protect others from the same harm anonymously
  • We provide a platform for victims of corporate harm to tell their stories with permission of their attorney.
  • We believe that corporate responsibility and accountability are broad and important topics requiring the collaboration of many organizations, government entities, the media and the corporations themselves.

The Conte Foundation was initially funded by a victim who assigned (had the court directly donate) all the money she received from a lawsuit, as did her attorney. We continue to focus on funding from victims, families and attorneys who want to make a difference and prevent future harm.


Always mindful of the bottom line, big companies sometimes put short-term profits over health and well-being of their customers. Remember the story of the Ford Pinto, with the exploding gas tanks. Ford waited eight years to fix that problem because its internal “cost-benefit analysis,” which places a dollar value on human life, said it wasn’t profitable to make the changes sooner. The sad fact is that it all often boils down to someone crunching numbers.

Elizabeth Conte’s case involved a similar approach to corporate responsibility, but this time it was drug companies that caused irreversible harm to her. We know that companies are in business to make a profit and we support that. But sometimes that blinds them to the true cost of their actions or inactions. Too often, they don’t acknowledge the toll on human lives that their actions entail. The Conte Foundation believes that the best ways to bring about safer products is to change that equation.


  • Promote awareness about product harm,
  • Fund research to bring about safer products,
  • Spotlight those companies who show leadership in risk management and minimization.


The Foundation seeks funding to prevent future harm, according to our Mission.

Mrs. Conte and her lawyer had a vision. They believed that almost everyone with a lawsuit against a company feels wronged and never expected to be an innocent victim. Mrs. Conte and her lawyer also suspected that virtually all victims would want to stop needless injuries from happening to others. If those who have been wronged truly felt that way, then maybe the injured people and their lawyers who are paid money by wrongdoers would be willing to share a small percentage of their settlement to make that change happen. If everyone committed from 1% to 5% of their settlement, the Foundation would have all the money it would need to bring about the change that needs to happen.

If you are going to receive compensation for an injury, please consider donating. Even 1% can make a difference.