My name is Gloria – this is my metoclopramide story

I have had many medical problems – with my stomach, my spine, sleep apnea, and allergic reactions to medicines, but the worst has been the reaction I had to generic Reglan. I took this generic Reglan for maybe two years for nausea and vomiting that just wouldn’t let up. Finally I had an operation to try to remedy the stomach problem. 
But then I was faced with face twitching, biting down on my teeth, and licking my lips from generic Reglan that I couldn’t control. When I stopped taking generic Reglan, the twitching lessened somewhat, but I am permanently stuck with everything else. It is an embarrassing condition because other people may think I am on some drugs that makes me feel uncomfortable!
The condition I developed because of generic Reglan has influenced my life so much that I tell other people not to take the drug. Have your doctor find another remedy! That’s why I donated to the Conte Foundation, to tell more people about the problems with generic and brand Reglan.